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IB CurriculumPosted by Steven Daly Sun, April 20, 2014 22:09:57
Please answer the following questions related to the Energy Unit of Work. Each question must be answered by a specific student. The name of each student is next to the question to be answered. Once all the questions have been answered then you must all review the work as you will have a short test on Wednesday 30 April to test your understanding of the material.

Lee-roy - Outline two main types (classifications) of energy (the outline should describe each type of energy and give practical examples).

Sally - Describe how human muscle power was the only source of energy for Craft Production until the industrial revolution.

Daria - Describe how the development of machines based on flowing water led to a revolution in production.

Anuschka - Describe how the invention of the steam engine and the use of steam as a basis for the operation of machines led to a large increase in the scale of production on coal.

Any questions please use the blog to discuss with everyone.

Deadline - Wednesday 23 April.

Please make sure you include the question with the answer on your blog.