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Energy Unit

IB CurriculumPosted by Steven Daly Fri, May 09, 2014 18:38:07

Please answer the following questions related to the Energy Unit of Work. Each question must be answered by a specific student. The name of each student is next to the question to be answered.

Lee-roy, how did the development of electricity lead to a technological revolution and an increase in the volume of the production of goods?

Daria, what was the impact on the production of goods with the invention of motors?

Sally, what was the effect on society with the wide distribution of electricity?

Anuschka how did the design of portable batteries effect the nature of energy usage?

Deadline - Tuesday 13 May. Once all the questions have been answered then you must all review the work as you will have a short test on Thursday 15 May.

Many thanks,

Mr Daly