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UCD Unit

IB CurriculumPosted by Steven Daly Tue, March 31, 2015 17:23:35

Use the UCD booklet and answer the following questions. ALL students must participate by making a comment on each question.

Key questions

1. What is meant by user adaption?

2. What essential elements are required in a design to reduce user adaption?

3. Relating to design, what is meant by the word iteration?

4. What strategies can YOU use to bring the user closer to the design process?

5. The user centred design process is an iterative cycle where every step is evaluated against the initially identified requirements of the users and iterated until these requirements are met. Evaluation methods can include: Personas and scenarios, Usability testing, Observation: Interviews and focus groups, Questionnaires, Participatory design.

6. Explain what each evaluation method means. Which one could you use for your design project?

7. Peter Morville's user experience honeycomb describes a structured way to understand the components of user experience. Tell me about a product you own which you think meets these components and how.

8. Define Human Factors and explain one aspect you will incorporate into your design project.

9. Define product usefulness, effectiveness, learnability and attitude and describe how you could measure these.

10. Give an example of a product which has failed due to user error.

11. What are the key design variables which contribute to excellent user interface?

12. Describe a product you have used/tried to use which has lead to incomplete use of the product’s functionality causing frustration and eventually product rejection.

13. What is meant by the term, product feedback? For example, if you press a button should it click?

14. What is product interface mapping?

15. Define affordance and relate it to the controls of a cooker.

16. Give examples of population stereo types.